Friday, November 1, 2013

A Novel of Hollywood in the Great Depression


Now Available in Paperback and PDF eBook editions!

The story of a cartoon fox
in the cut-throat Real World of 1930's Hollywood...

When down-on-her-luck Hollywood agent Claire Forrest discovers a cartoon fox playing saxophone in a New York dive bar, she  immediately knows that she’s onto something big. What she can’t possibly imagine are the difficulties that lie ahead, the consequences of bringing the most naive creature imaginable into the nest of vipers that is 1930’s Hollywood, the dark deals that she will have to make and the backs that she will have to stab  to transform her new client into a worldwide star – and keep him at the top against enormous odds...

Relive the legend of Eddie Fox, that Depression-era star of Radio and the Silver Screen who won his way into the hearts of millions with his innocent charm and Magic Talent with the Saxophone! Learn the surprising true story behind the carefully cultivated myth! Why did this beloved celebrity suddenly disappear from the public eye? What became of him? Discover the answer to the burning question: Whatever happened to Eddie Fox? It's all here – in Tinsel*Town: A Novel of Hollywood in the Great Depression.